Patient Testimonials

“Carpal tunnel forced me to wear wrist braces nightly and I increased my Naproxen to 500 mg. twice a day. Allergy sensitivities to animals, perfumes, dust and smokers would bring on constant sneezing irritated eyes and facial rashes.

After my first adjustment, pain across the shoulders and lower back was gone, and I stopped taking Allegra and Naproxen. One month later, I re-gained full use of both hands with no sciatic pain down the left leg. Allergies have improved. I’m more tolerable to smells and animals, and my facial rashes don’t exist.”

- Lori S.

“I have been suffering from constant headaches and migraines for over 20 years. I’ve also suffered from asthma and allergies since I was a child, all for which I have taken daily medications.

Since coming to see Dr. Lee I have not taken any pain medications. My headaches are minimal or non-existent. It’s been about three weeks since I’ve taken my daily asthma medication and I’ve only taken two allergy pills that ended up not even working. Now I know my life will be more fulfilled because I feel so much better.”

- Gail I.


“I was heavily medicated at one point for my headaches and painful cramps. I had a hard time sleeping and did not have much of an appetite.

This past June I started Chiropractic care....the pain in my back and hands stopped, but the most amazing result was the fact that I did not experience any of the pre-menstrual symdrome. I wasn’t moody, cranky, no headaches, and NO CRAMPS!. Thank you Dr. Lee and his staff for being so supportive.”

- Alma R.


“One phone call did the job. We came in for our consultation, took our x-rays and got our adjustment. It’s been over a year has improved our health tremendously. Just recently Pedro went for his check-up and his doctor told him that he no longer needed to take his medication and no more weekly blood test. We again, thank you, Dr. Lee and your staff for all your help and positiveness that you have shared with us over the year.”

- Paulette and Pedro V.

“In high school I would be sent home at least once a month because of excruciating cramping in my stomach, headaches and dizziness that sometimes caused me to black-out because of my menstrual cycle.

After my first adjustment in April, I experienced my first pain-free menstrual cycle. I no longer take medications for menstrual pain, headaches, or allergies. Dr. Lee told me he was here I am, he saved my life, and now as a Chiropractic Assistant I can help save many others as well.”

- Lynette P.

“I do thank the good Lord for directing me to you. Since starting I have not taken any more Tylenol or other pain medications for my headaches, no more sinus problems and my back problems have been alleviated....Thank you Dr. Lee, I feel great and full of energy.”

- Shirley V.

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